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Our most common request from clients is to design or re-design a website. Students on these teams work directly with clients to develop sitemaps and wireframes, design pages in Wordpress, develop basic familiarity with security, accessibility, and usability skills, mobile responsiveness, SEO, and use project management tools to guide their work. 



Students on this team work directly with our client teams to assess and assist with security on our websites and other projects. They attend client meetings, consult on general WordPress and data security for nonprofits, and support clients teams with research and development on general security recommendations. May include coding for complex client projects. One team per semester.  




Students on this team work directly with our client teams to assess and assist with accessibility issues on our websites and other projects. We also have a team working directly with the City of Bloomington, helping to assess and report on the digital accessibility of local websites, as part of a larger future effort to increase digital accessibility across the Bloomington area. 



Our data visualization teams explore and display data trends, either for internal decision-making purposes or external audiences. Clients have included the City of Bloomington and the State of Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration. Students joining this team must first complete the I400 Tableau course. 



Teach IT is one of our largest teams. If you love working with others and want to share your love for technology with them, this is your team. We work with three local Boys and Girls Clubs, Edgewood Jr. High, and various other partners in town, developing and delivering fun tech lessons to local youth that align with Indiana K-12 state standards for computer science. We also work with adults such as the Meadowood Retirement Center and Thriving Connections, coaching on various random technology issues. Alum often mention how their experience on Teach IT helped them develop consulting skills.

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