Graduate Level Internships

Graduate Supervisors

Graduate students supervise teams and coach team leads to manage their members, the clients, and the workflows. This experience offers career-boosting leadership opportunities such as relationship-building, networking with local nonprofits and tech companies, networking with tech students who will soon have professional-level jobs, program and professional evaluation, and will allow you to get to know Bloomington in a whole new way. Our work is exciting, important, and can be highly meaningful. Often our teams bond very closely with our clients and each other.

Our positions

Team types may depend on client applications in a given area, but could include:

  • UX Design 
  • Web development for clients (and training for these teams)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Accessibility
  • Computer refurbishing and related database management
  • Database development
  • Data governance and management
  • Tech lessons for kids in afterschool clubs

"Leading multiple UX Design teams under Una's guidance at Serve IT clinic has been a wonderful learning experience. It helped me hone my leadership, communication and management skills while mentoring aspiring designers and serving local non-profit clients with delightful and useful design solutions. This leadership experience helped me apply my technical skills learned in class to solve real-world problems in the local community. Serve IT mirrors the industry set up and it's certainly helping me thrive in the cross-functional, collaborative teams at my full-time job today!"

Shriyash Shete, UX Designer at Zscaler

How to apply

Graduate students apply through the link on the link on this page, during the semester before you hope to be hired. Students will be notified by email, if we have an opening. Applicants who don't make it the first semester are encouraged to apply in future semesters.

Application postings and deadlines:

  • For summer and fall applications: 
    • posted in January, deadlines in early April (check application)
  • For spring applications:
    • posted in August, deadlines in early November (check application)


Help lead the internship for credit that makes a difference in the community.

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