Tips for Working with Our Students

  • The more you understand exactly what you need, the easier it will be for us to predict accurate timelines. If design and structural elements change, the timeline will as well. That being said, we will guide you to help you figure out as much as possible, and guide students to alter the timeline with you if the scope changes.
  • You may want to explore backup plans for sudden site crashes or web emergencies. Students are not available 24 hours a day and have other classes and jobs that need attention. If your site crashes at 3am or on a weekend or holiday, students may not be available to fix it quickly.
  • Projects may span multiple semesters, depending on the size and scope. Keep this timeline in mind as you apply. You can prioritize some content and release your site in chunks, if desired.
  • Sometimes student teams lose time waiting on content from the client. Having much of the main content written, gathered, and organized before applying would maximize your ability to get the site done as quickly as possible.
  • Be aware that adding features later will push the project into further semesters. If this happens, we may need to re-evaluate and change our scope of work and timelines.
  • Each group of students is overseen by an undergraduate Team Lead, and a staff member “coach,” who supports the team. If students fail to perform as expected, please contact your Team Lead or staff member right away so we can help address the issue.